Flying Cars, Wire Fu, Iris scorching colors, punny one liners! It’s time for another Rohit Shetty picture but even with all his usual tropes after last year’s very enjoyable (although completely forgettable) Singham, we might slowly be beaten into submission and actually look forward to his movies!

Allegedly an adaptation of 1979’s Golmaal and not his own box office record breaking Golmaal series. The title is confusing and the success of which has been astounding, his movies are hated by critics but loved by family audiences. (think Michael Bay)

Ajay Devgn plays a gangster don with a decidedly bold dress sense and comical mannerisms. His character Prithviraj Raghuvanshi attempts to speak English with entertaining results! The talented Abhishek Bachchan portrays two contrasting characters, one is a confident, macho, moustached conman and the other an effeminate sidekick, complete with magenta floral shirt and a net vest – amusing antics, comic confusion and mischief can only ensue!

The trailer starts the legacy of movies he has created we see the movie posters of all his movies and pretty much tells the audience to shut up and just watch the movie. We quickly get introductory shots of long time collaborator, friend of director Rohit Shetty and producer Ajay Devgn who plays a village wrestler/goonda and Abhishek Bachchan ( presence we love in movies and probably one of the main reason we are looking forward to it) whose trying to convince Ajay that he is in fact 2 different people, this is where the fake moustaches comes in handy, after a few non speaking shots of heroinces Asin (who I can’t distinguish anymore if she’s in Ready, Housefull2 or Bol Bachchan) and Priya Desai.

We get a bit of singing, a bit of dancing and both Ajay Devgn and Abhishek hanging on wires and fighting people, which can be fun but loses its impact after a while, which was one of our complaints with Singham (of which you can read the review here). The meta and self referential humour is funny both in Abhishek’s real life persona and Ajay’s filmi ones.

Some of the visual gags are funny and this seems the perfect environment for Archana Puran Singh’s loud acting but lord do the colors are so bright our eyes might start suffering from diabetes!

If you are already on the Shetty boat, then you are in for a fun ride, and if you aren’t then maybe the trailer can convince you?

Bol Bachchan comes out 6th of July in theaters