Sega of America and Sega Europe have both confirmed that this summer the Dreamcast rollerblading graffiti epic, Jet Set Radio, is heading to Vita and that it will be in playable form at this year’s E3.

The classic from 2000 is heading to Vita with updated HD visuals and will take full advantage of the systems touch capabilities which according to Haruki Satomi, Sega’s Senior Vice President of Digital Business, “are proving to be a perfect fit”.   Also the Vita’s camera will be integrated into the game somehow, but specific functions remained undisclosed.

A few screens have surfaced for the Vita version and after almost 12 years this game still holds up really well in the visuals department.  This game will no doubt look gorgeous on the Vita’s OLED screen and it will be interesting to see if or how they incorporate the second analog stick on the Vita as well (better camera control would be clutch).

As previously revealed by Sega, non-Vita owners will also be able to enjoy Jet Set Radio in HD on XBLA and PSN this summer, so fear not.

Are you excited for an updated Jet Set Radio?  Remember Jet Grind Radio on the GameBoy Advance?  If so tell us about in the comments section and stay tuned for more news here at HeyUGuys Gaming.