Yesterday finally saw the release of the James Mangold’s highly anticipated Logan into cinemas, a final look at Hugh Jackman in a role he well and truly made his own over the years in numerous X-Men and Wolverine projects. In Jackman’s final stand, this is one ‘superhero’ movie that breaks the mould and refuses to follow convention, truly making this the stand out in the series of spin offs.

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So how can Logan director, James Mangold improve on this? Or the question should be – should he even try? Well, on the day of Logan’s release Mangold took to twitter to reply to one eager fan’s plea to him to deliver a version in black and white.  His simply reply ‘Workin’ on it’ could this be an unofficial announcement that we can expect to witness this deeply brutal westernesque last stand in black and white for the DVD/Blu-ray release in a few months time?

Logan - James Mangold - Black and White

Whilst we love the full blown colour bloodthirsty yet deeply dark, dystopian and moving final edit that audiences are currently enjoying, we would love to see how the back to basics tone yet richness of black and white could really enhance the overall feel of the production as a whole. Its storyline can only be aided with a visual reworking we have already had a taste of in the selection of images released prior to the film’s release.

Logan - James Mangold - Black and White

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Since the very first trailer was made available, with Johnny Cash’s haunting vocals on his equally haunting track Hurt, playing ominously throughout, the pair have become synonymous with each other. With a black and white reworking of Logan, it would only set this further in stone as a touching ode to not just Cash but our beloved Logan too.