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So The 89th Annual Academy Awards left us all shocked at that ending but there is the upside of countless memes and the realisation of how overrated Meryl Streep is… This years’ Oscar ceremony, by and large, can be considered a success under the hosting of Jimmy Kimmel, who skilfully planted a few political jibes at the expense of President Trump but also brought his ‘rivalry’ with Matt Damon to a global stage.

As we reflect and struggle to remember an Oscars where we didn’t at least nod off once or twice, we look ahead to next year and who will take over hosting duties.

Ricky Gervais

There is a proven track record of hosting and doing so with success as four stints at the helm of the Golden Globes has shown. As big as the Golden Globes are it wouldn’t be too far-fetched an idea to consider Ricky Gervais hosting the Oscars.

The academy like those musically gifted so a rendition of “Freelove Freeway” is possible, although likely to be without Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook on backup vocals.

As much as we would love to watch the barrage of low blows delivered to the very elite of Hollywood in Gervais’ unforgiving style, it is unlikely to happen as he may be considered a tad unsavoury to too many important people in positions of power within the academy.

We live in hope the Golden Globes are ballsy enough to invite Gervais back for a fifth time though and if not then surely the Oscars is the next logical step…

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  • Alison Print

    Ricky Gervais would be amazing to host the oscars

  • Victoria Dennis

    John Oliver would do a great job.