Fans of Jalmari Helander’s defiantly unseasonal Christmas film Rare Exports will know what a fine cinematic curve ball he is capable of throwing. It’s a somewhat disturbing festive film, with some eye-popping images (you know what I’m talking about…) but it’s one, like Jeunet & Caro’s City of Lost Children, that lingers long in the mind.

For his next film Helander appears to have taken a game of fantasy filmmaking a little too seriously and is packing off President Samuel L. Jackson to a terrorist filled wood (via a crashed Air Force One) with a young boy and his bow & arrow for company. That pitch meeting must have been very, very short.

Here, in celebration of the film’s release today, we have an exclusive clip of our two leads swimming to the submerged ruin of Air Force One. Here’s your clip, because we love you.