He may not be particularly well known, but Ben Foster is an actor destined for big things, and he’s now been cast in another brilliant role, playing the son of mob boss John Gotti, Sr., in Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father, Deadline report.

That role is to be taken by the amazing John Travolta, perfect for the part, and I can’t wait to see Foster and Travolta starring opposite each other leading what’s sure to be an immense mob film.

We first heard back in January that Travolta was set to star as Gotti, Sr., so things have been looking pretty great from the get-go with this project. Alongside Travolta and Foster, the film is also set to star Kelly Preston, Joe Pesci, and someone you may or may not have heard of from earlier mob films, Al Pacino.

According to Deadline, though, Pesci is currently in the process of suing producer Fiore Films over the film, saying that he had been promised the role of Gotti, Sr.’s right-hand man, Angelo Ruggiero, along with a $3m. paycheque, and now they’re offering him $1m. and a lesser role. So whether or not Pesci will be staying on board for the project, and in what role we’ll be seeing him in if he does, remains unknown.

Originally, the project was to be helmed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, Alpha Dog), and written by Leo Rossi (Analyze This), but Cassavetes has since exited the film and has been replaced by Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson (Rain Man), who will now also be working on script work with Rossi and James Toback. Rossi, who’s been working on the project from the beginning, has also been meeting with real-life Gotti, Jr., who has been helping give an inside look and answering questions about events in order to create as authentic a feel as possible for the film, which is,

“Based on the life of John Gotti, Jr. and his relationship with his infamous father. The movie reveals the relationship of a father who lived and died by the mob code and a son who chose to leave that world behind and redeem himself. Never before has there been such an inside look at the life of one of the Gotti family and their world of danger, betrayal and redemption.”

It was first to be titled, Gotti: Three Generations, but I’m loving the new subtitle, In The Shadow Of My Father, much more. It certainly suggests that Foster’s role is going to be front and centre on this project, and I can’t wait to see him lead this with Travolta.

He was exceptional in Alpha Dog back in 2006, and again in 30 Days of Night a year later, and we’ll soon get to see him alongside Woody Harrelson in Rampart, in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Prometheus, and in next year’s thriller, Contraband, with Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, and Giovanni Ribisi. If you aren’t already, Foster is definitely a rising actor to keep your eye on.