Fiore Films are developing a film about three generations of the Gotti organised crime family and John Travolta is in “serious talks” to play mob boss John Gotti.

To quote Marc Fiore, CEO of Fiore Films:-

“We would love to have him. He’s a terrific actor. John Gotti, Sr. — he’s an icon. And so is Travolta … The Gottis have an image already. People know who they are. You can’t just be a good actor, you have to be a great actor who can become John Gotti.”

Fiore is also in talks with Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, Alpha Dog, John Q) to direct the film and is trying to snag James Franco for the role of John Gotti Jr. No mean feat, given how extraordinarily busy Franco is and how rapidly his already-ascendant star is rising, following great reviews for 127 Hours. Franco’s “people” say he has received the script but there are no plans for him to take the role at the moment.

Fiore goes on to say that:-

“It’s going to be the new Godfather. It’s a story about a father and a son, but the father happens to be John Gotti Sr.”

Lofty ambitions indeed. If it should fall short of so hefty a target, at least it won’t be for want of having the inside scoop. John Gotti Jr is said to have been working with Leo Rossi on the script every day, answering questions about the events being portrayed and sharing a real “inside look”.

We will let you know as casting progresses, but this looks like it might be one to look out for. For a bit of background on the Gotti family, check out here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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