Breathe hits UK cinemas this Friday 27th October and to mark the occasion, we’ve been given this fascinating behind the scenes look into how the movie was made. Breathe tells the true life story of Producer Jonathan Cavendish’s parents Robin and Diana played by Oscar nominated actor Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy who is best know for her role in Netflix’s wonderful show The Crown.

The story focuses around Robin Cavendish who’s life is turned upside down when at 28 he developed polio which at the time wasn’t preventable. Robin was given 3 months to live after being paralysed from the neck down but that’s not the end of the story. Inventor Teddy Hall was adamant that Robin and others in the same situation were not going to be bed-bound but could live outside of hospital on a revolutionary new piece of equipment that would mean Robin was able to travel outside of the hospital grounds and ultimately the world revolutionising the way in which polio sufferers and anyone who relied on breathing machines would be able to live. There’s a wonderful scene in the movie where one of the patients bets Robin £5 that the machine won’t work – thankfully that £5 was an easy bet!

Breathe - Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy
Breathe – Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy

It was Robin Cavendish (son of Robin and producer of Breathe) who realised that there was an amazing story to be told here and turned to producing partner Andy Serkis from their company The Imaginarium to take on the role as director of this incredible story for his directorial debut. 

We’ve been rather lucky to spend a lot of time with the filmmakers of Breathe both in Toronto, at London Film Festival and at the junket here in London. You can see our coverage from Breathe at the TIFF press conference here, the London Press Conference here and our junket interviews with Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy and Andy Serkis.

Check out this wonderful behind the scenes featurette which will give you an insight into the movie featuring interviews with the cast and filmmakers.

Breathe is released this Friday 27th October.