The reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year was mixed to say the least, but the upcoming Ultimate Cut may go some way in fixing that. Featuring over 30 minutes of additional footage which wasn’t included in the theatrical version, the R-Rated movie (which still looks set to be a 12 in the UK) will also include more violence and action.

In the trailer below, we get a few glimpses of that, but even better is the fact that it appears the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman will address a lot of the issues many found with it.

That includes the motivations of both titular heroes as we get to see Clark Kent looking into why Gotham City’s vigilante has changed, something which should better explain why he wanted to take him down. However, by far the biggest reveal here is our first look at the character being played by The Hunger Games’ Jena Malone. While she doesn’t have the comic book version’s trademark red hair, there’s definitely a resemblance to Barbara Gordon!

Whether or not that’s who she’s playing remains to be seen, but this trailer is good enough to get even the biggest sceptic at least somewhat interesting in giving it another chance…