Comic-Con is almost upon us. No matter how far you are from San Diego you can feel the ground rumbling with the hordes of geekdom massing on the horizon. With the recent news that many of the con’s regulars are taking a back seat this year (Marvel and other Disney companies will be there but not in as gargantuan a presence as before) then this is, finally, DC’s chance to own the event.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that EW’s Comic-Con issue reveals new looks at DC’s flagship movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the new pics are below.

After the tepid steps of Man of Steel (which I liked) this film is really the springboard on which the entirety of the DC cinematic universe will be launching. With Aquaman and Suicide Squad already on their way if BvS:DoJ does the business then we’ve got dozens of other potential films coming our way.

The EW issue also gives us a good look at Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, which is a nice accompaniment to the social media snippets Reynolds has been giving us in recent months. Here’s that pic.

deadpool official image