Presumed-InnocentWhile the most recent episodes have focused on world building and excelling in its character evolution, this week finally saw more of a focus on Norman and how the death of Cody’s father at his hands would affect him and those around him. We expected a shift to come at this stage of the game, with only three episodes remaining, but Presumed Innocent lets the ball drop.

Following the accidental death of Cody’s father, Norman and his recent romance are taken in by the police for questioning. Norman, having recently experienced more blackouts than ever before, is in a precarious position as the mere mention of his recent bout of dazed violent swings could spell arrest.

After Norma discovers her son’s latest situation, she rushes to find out more from Sheriff Romero and plead with Cody not to mention her son’s blackouts. Elsewhere in White Pine Bay, Dylan finds himself in a situation of his own as Zane looks to declare war on Nick Ford, but will he join the farm raid or defy his boss’ brother?

Progressing at a favourable rate from its previous opening season, Bates Motel cannot be denied in its brilliance in execution. Already in its second stretch we have seen not only Norman’s state evolve, but the whole scope of characters and location breathe a whole new life into the show. That being said, this week somewhat forgot much of the past few weeks and instead plodded along like a filler episode not quite knowing where to head.

With the majority of the episode spent at the police station and with Norman, Presumed Innocent was the perfect opportunity to not only get inside the mind of Norman, but also delve deeper into Romero too – a character who still remains a huge conundrum.

Instead, we were dealt an episode that delivered Norman’s continuous declaration that he was acting in self-defence and Romero schmoozing around a familiarly concerned Norma. Evidently it was little was hadn’t witnessed before and came with little purpose. In truth, of the most intriguing within the episode was the side story of Dylan’s ever deeper involvement in the criminal side of White Pine Bay. His concerns about the unstable and unpredictable Zane would be echoed as the blonde-haired anarchist took his criminality to a whole new level.

Turf wars ignited, Norman and Norma assuming their familiar moulds and Emma doing very little; this week’s Bates Motel will hopefully be seen as merely a hiccup episode that will be briskly sweeper over in favour of a return to form. With only three episodes remaining, it’s obvious where our path leads in terms of Norman – especially after a revelation at the conclusion. Elsewhere there is plenty going on to really push those buttons of intrigue and give this season back the bite it has possessed week-in week-out.