The list of incoming mutant set to attend X-Men: First Class seemingly grows every day.

Not twelve hours ago news was posted that Alice Eve was the latest recruit to Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men film, she’ll be stepping into the role of Emma Frost, and now there’s another name rumoured to be involved.

The character of Banshee, who goes by the name of Sean Cassidy when he has his civilian trousers on, is said (by Latino Review, whose rumour wildfire we are currently fanning) to be going to Caleb Landry Jones.

I know!

The only connection I can find is a role on a US TV show called Friday Night Lights and an appearance in the forthcoming horror The Last Exorcism to his name, but not knowing how big a role Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn will ascribe to Banshee there’s really nothing more here than another name to the list.

His special power is a Sonic Scream appropriately and there’s a whole host of info on the character here, if you’re so inclined to delve.

What I do like is the variety and quality of actors confirmed so far (click here for a list) – coming off Kick-Ass and Stardust I can imagine there’s plenty of actors lining up to join Vaughn and Goldman on their next adventure.