To begin at the beginning then.

Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, who previously impressed with Stardust and Kick-Ass, took over as Headmaster and Headmistress of Marvel’s next step into the mutantverse as director and writer of X-Men: First Class.

They cast James McAvoy as the young Charles Xavier. This was a good move, and the internet smelled blood in the pool – knowing the list of characters likely to show up in the film the rumour mill went into a tailspin.

Names such as Michael Fassbender, Aaron Johnson, and Andrew Garfield flew around the ether and while we know that Fassbender has decided to sign on the dotted line to play Magneto there appears to be nothing more on the involvement of the other two, who may or may not have ever been approached or involved.

Then Rosamund Pike and Amber Heard jumped on the rumour train and at the next stop Benjamin Walker was supposed to have signed on to play the young Beast.

And guess what? There’s a new name in the mix tonight with Alice Eve, who was once rumoured to be involved with Captain America as a potential Peggy Carter, now signed up to play Emma Frost, the role Rosamund Pike was supposedly attached to, although we know that Pike is still involved in the production.

So, that’s just a recap of the names so far, expect more soon.