Episode 2 of Josh Gad’s ‘Reunited Apart’ got heavy, as he jumped back in time when he was joined by the creative geniuses behind the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy.

Gad’s Lockdown series kicked off two weeks ago when he reunited the cast 80’s favourite ‘The Goonies. We didn’t have to wait long until Gad saw fit to jump in his DeLorean for a trip to the ’80s, once again reuniting the trilogy cast for another nostalgia-fest.

Following in the same vein, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson were joined by director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale, Plus, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Shue also pops in. Not to be outdone by Cyndi Lauper who made a cameo in the first episode, Huey Lewis the man behind the iconic and most recognisable soundtrack theme couldn’t miss out on this reunion. Unfortunately, the man behind the notorious villain of the trilogy Tom F. Wilson aka Biff/Mad Dog Tannen couldn’t be persuaded to join in the fun.

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As they go down memory lane, Zemeckis reveals that Steven Speilberg had a few words to say to an executive who wanted to change the name of the film, while Steenburgen recounted how she rode a horse up to a real moving train before her stuntwoman jumped in for the high-rising leap to the train in the third movie.

Come to the end, the party is rounded off by the whole crew giving there special rendition of ‘The Power of Love’.