Avatar James Horner ScoringI’ve been doing a bit of research into the score (the orchestral music) in the new upcoming James Cameron movie, Avatar which stars Sam Worthington. James Horner is in charge of all things musical and I’d heard it was going to be ‘epic’ and ‘hugely cinematic’ but what does that really mean?

If you’ve not seen it already, the HD 3.5 minute international trailer was released a couple of days ago and other than the beautiful movie that Avatar is looking like, equally the score in the trailer hit me like a 10 tonne truck! I’d say that is exactly what they meant when they said it would be ‘epic’! I’m talking Gladiator epic!If you’ve not seen the trailer, head over to watch it here and then come back and tell me in the comments what you think the score might bring to the movie. Personally I love movie scores and have quite a collection of movie soundtracks now with Avatar’s no doubt becoming part of my collection.

The Avatar Official website went live recently and you can hear some more of the score in the background of the website and it’s equally gripping.

Movie Score Magazine gives us this:

“Horner is doing a brilliant job of creating music that transports us to another world, but supports the film using the traditional orchestral conventions to make a sound that’s hugely cinematic,” Knobloch explained. He also goes on to says that Horner’s score is “a brilliantly unique blend of traditional and contemporary, electronic elements and spans the entire spectrum of attitude and energy ““ from bombastic action to the delicate, romantic discovery of a new world.”

“The main orchestra used for the score features over 100 musicians, including eight horns, four trumpets and five trombones. The string section is huge, comprising of 70 players. The music also features vocalists singing in the film’s Na’vi language, as well as a few other acoustic and electronic instrumentalists.”

At the end of the trailer I just want to shout ‘YEAH’ and punch the air. I’m hoping that Avatar, in it’s finished form will be just the same.

It’s out December 18th which still feels like a long way away!