Last year’s Arrowverse crossover was a lot of fun but also a tad disappointing due to the fact the much talked about four-night event only really lasted for three because Supergirl’s episode featured no more than a minute or two of set up for the alien invasion storyline.

Well, The CW has announced today that we’re getting a proper four parter this year but that it will be taking place over two nights instead of three or four as it has before now.

Things will kick off on Monday, November 27th on Supergirl, followed by a special Monday episode of Arrow. The crossover continues Tuesday, November 28th on The Flash, then concludes on that night’s Legends of Tomorrow. Explaining the reason for this change, The CW President Mark Pedowitz explained that because the latter two shows are already paired on a Tuesday, it just made sense (it’s unclear how this will work in the UK for now).

“We felt that it would be better and tighter in storytelling. This was the best way to go. Next year we may go back to four nights.” In other words, they’re going to wait and see if this helps or hinders ratings! He wouldn’t reveal any specific story details but when asked about the premise, all he’d say was: “Romance is in the air.” What does that mean?

Well, we’re just going to have to wait and see but it certainly has us intrigued for now…