Whether we like it or not, we are getting a new Terminator film in the next couple of years, maybe even a new trilogy, so it’s time to accept the fact and get excited especially as the “gang” is getting back together.

Last week, word spread that Linda Hamilton was returning to the franchise as part of the new endeavor, which will see her reprise her iconic role of Sarah Connor after appearing in the first two films (as well as her voice in Terminator Salvation). She will be joined, of course, by Arnold Schwarzenegger and creator/director James Cameron who is producing the new films as well as providing a storyline for it. Tim Miller (Deadpool) is directing.

This past week, Schwarzenegger has been in the UK taking part in another series of “An Audience with…” in Birmingham and has revealed a few extra details on the new entry, thanks to The Terminator Fans.

In the chat, the former Governor said that Terminator 6 would ignore the events of 2015’s Terminator Genisys and while right now it’s called T6, it will have a different name soon. In addition, he said that Linda Hamilton was already in training for the role and that Robert Patrick would not be reprising his role from Terminator 2: Judgement Day despite all signs pointing to the new film being almost a sequel to T2.

In other news, Schwarzenegger revealed that the long-mooted Twins sequel, Triplets, is still on the horizon and that it would be his next film after Terminator. Last year, we spoke to Danny DeVito who gave us an update about the film which would see the duo re-team with Eddie Murphy set to play their brother. No other info on the film has yet been announced.

Terminator 6 is set to begin shooting next Spring.