We are truly in a hall of mirrors when it comes to cinematic releases. Sequels and reboots and requels and all kinds of pithy epithets which have come into common use since the nostalgic, supposedly ‘safe-money’ reworkings of familiar film properties have sprung up.

A sequel to the well-regarded early ‘Arnie does comedy’ vehicle Twins has been rolling around the rumour mill for some time, with Eddie Murphy joining the team of DeVito and Schwarzenegger as the third wheel. It’s been on the cards for a while, though nothing concrete has surfaced.

Doing the press rounds for his latest cinematic outing, the short Curmudgeons, DeVito has said that the process is a slow one, and as is often with these films they are waiting for the right idea. He told ITV’s Lorraine, “We’ve been trying for a while now, but…it’s very very difficult to find a good script. And you just can’t do it because it’s the name of the thing…It’s a good idea but I don’t want to let you guys down… The material has to be right so I can come back on your show and you can go, ‘Ah, that was amazing!

He echoed the sentiments to us during our interview, which you can see below,