With the growth of their cinematic universe Marvel’s move away from the more recognisable superheroes is a necessary evil. However, with the success of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy the studio there’s a new confidence in the air. Enter Ant-Man… arguably Marvel’s riskiest film yet.

Our review is under embargo until the 10th of July but we can tell you that the film is a triumph, one of the funniest Marvel films so far, with a tantilising glimpse of the fingerprints of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish on it – this is something that is mentioned in today’s interviews – check below for that.

In town today ahead of the premiere tomorrow the cast and crew of Ant-Man gave a press conference and we’ve got the full video for you below.

Director Peyton Reed and the film’s cast, including Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and scene-stealer Michael Peña took to the stage earlier today. Here’s everything that went on.

Director Peyton Reed on the Changes from the Edgar Wright Version of Ant-Man.

Full Press Conference Video