With Hugh Jackman set to wrap up his lengthy stint as Wolverine in 2017, Fox is scrambling to find a new face of the X-Men franchise, and it may just be Channing Tatum’s Gambit.

The movie (which is set to be released next year) hasn’t had an easy time of it recently, with Tatum very nearly leaving over a contractual dispute and Rupert Wyatt recently announcing that a delayed start date due to some issues with the budget means that he’s having to move on due to scheduling complications, though there are rumblings that isn’t true.

Regardess, depending on how much of a fan you are of Gambit’s comic book romance with Rogue, this too may come as something of a blow to you. Asked by one fan on Twitter whether or not she’ll be making an appearance in the movie, Anna Paquin simply stated, “no”, she would not. Had the True Blood alum been asked this in an interview, it would be fair to assume that maybe she was just covering up and din’t want to reveal her involvement before the studio makes it official, but she didn’t have to respond to this fan question and likely chose to in order to bring an end to the constant questions about reprising the role!

It’s a shame in some ways, but Gambit already has a leading lady in the form of┬áLea Seydoux’s Bella Donna, so this probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise!

Depending on how successful Gambit ends up being though, there is of course a chance that the two characters could meet up somewhere down the line, but for now, forget about it happening n 2016. Keen to know more about Gambit? Well, you’ll want to click here then!