Amy Adams - Man of Steel

We’re coming into land now with our penultimate interview from the Man of Steel series (for today, keep your eyes peeled for more from the filmmakers coming later this week) and it’s time for Lois Lane as played by the brilliant Amy Adams.

James Kleinmann is back to chat with Amy about what she first thought of the script by David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan and how that informed her to take on the role as Lois Lane, where Lois is in her life when we first see her in the story, how they’ve made the movie more modern by introducing bloggers. She also talks about Henry Cavill and how she was very impressed with him as a person to take on the role as Superman / Clark Kent. We also find out what Amy thinks about British people playing the good-guy with roles like Spider-Man being played by Andrew Garfield and Batman being played by Christian Bale. Finally Amy talks about Zack Snyder as a director, what it was like to work with him and why he was the right man to direct Man of Steel.

So far today we’ve had interviews with Director Zack Snyder and cast members Ayelet Zurer and Antje Traue and Michael Shannon, and Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane who play Superman’s earthly parents. Make sure you have a watch of those if you missed them.

Man of Steel is released in the UK 14th June.