American Werewolf in London re-ReleaseHere’s a special treat for all those fans of An American Werewolf in London which coincides nicely with the release of the movie on Blu Ray. Universal Pictures have just sent us this press release so read on to find out more.

This Halloween John Landis’ modern horror classic is released in cinemas for a limited time only as a digital presentation. Rick Baker’s iconic visual effects work and the film’s terrifying action scenes have never looked better on the big screen.

David Naughton and Jenny Agutter star in this classic cult black comedy. American backpackers David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) take off for a three month European jaunt. Walking in the desolate English countryside, they come across some locals who give them chilling words of advice: “Keep to the road and keep clear of the moors” and “Beware of the moon”.

The boys set off into the darkness and hear a terrifying howl from across the moors, unaware that they are being stalked by a mythical beast with a taste for blood. Those who are killed by this creature become the undead, roaming the earth throughout eternity, but anyone who escapes with his life has a different fate in store…

This limited engagement is a must for horror and film fans alike.

The movie hits cinemas October 30th so if you’re a fan of the movie, get down to your local cinema and re-live the 1981 classic!