Amazon’s new drama, Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski has been unveiled this past weekend at New York Comic Con via the show’s panel.

Based on the Tom Clancy character that has been portrayed numerous times on the big screen, this new venture heads to smaller screens via the streaming service Amazon as of 2018, the drama will consist of eight episodes of Krasinski going undercover as he is forced to hit the field baring arms and running after Wendell Price puts a friendly rocket up his backside.

Clancy’s signature spy will be thrust into his first government agency field assignment, where he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication in the series and will land smack bang in the middle of dangerous dealings with a new breed of terrorism that threatens destruction on a global scale.

The series has a cast that includes Wendell Price, Ali Sulliman, Abbie Cornish and Peter Fonda whilst sitting on the board of Executive Producers you have Carlton Cuse, who also serves as the showrunner, Krasinski, Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, and Graham Roland (“Almost Human”), who wrote the pilot based on a story he and Cuse developed.

Jack Ryan arrives on Amazon in 2018

Watch the teaser trailer below.