Ever since it was first announced, supernatural thriller Altitude has never ceased to intrigue. After the Lovecraftian behemoth tantalisingly glimpsed in the promotional cover art, Altitude has promised an ascent from the usual sea of remakes and flood of sequels.

Directed by comic book veteran and filmaker Kaare Andrews, and starring Jessica Lowndes (Autopsy) and Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th) alongside newcomers Landon Liboiron, Jake Weary and Ryan Donowho, Altitude follows five friends who board a plane for a weekend escape. Things take a turn for the nightmarish, however, when the group find themselves flying into a storm and entering into a confrontation with…well, see trailer (via Shock Till You Drop) below for details.

Shot in Canada, Altitude promises to be Andrews’ first foray into feature filmmaking. Having proved himself with music videos and short films including Glimpse and SpaceMan, he was tasked with directing a screenplay by Paul A. Birkett.

While I might usually groan at the tendency to hand horror down to newcomers (a la Platinum Dunes), the trailer Andrews’ has put together really speaks for itself. Atmospheric and boasting an impressive visual flair, Altitude already stands head and shoulders above the rest of this years’ horror crop.

Altitude is distributed by Anchor Bay this October, when it can be purchased on DVD and Blu-Ray.