The Sunday Lunch is a new feature on HeyUGuys that intends to liven up your Sunday with some light hearted and funny movie related clips, pictures stories and more.

Following on from the really well received Inception Simplified picture from last week there seems to be a real good sense of humour in movie fans and we hope to exploit this by bringing you more of the same, we fully encourage your input, feedback, submissions, links and own creations as long as it’s funny and movie related, and we will put them up on the site for the HeyUGuys Sunday Lunch spread.

For the first Sunday Lunch I thought I’d start by bringing the Expendables back down to Earth from the testosterone fuelled macho rampage that has dominated the movies recently. These guys are not so tough, below is the proof.

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That’s the Sunday Lunch. Dont forget, if you find something funny email us at: