The first Final Destination film was a real surprise, and I remember leaving the cinema with my friends and looking around for falling pylons and out of control shopping trolleys loading with pick-axes and sharp gardening tools hurtling towards us – the drive home from the cinema was spent in a state of heightened anxiety; we were watching every plane in the sky.

The second film had one of the most intense car crash scenes and while the inventiveness of the death sequences waned slightly the premise of cheating Death, only to have Death come looking for you, was a good one. The third film started well but devolved into a messy, irony-free gore fest with little to recommend another trip down evisceration lane.

And the fourth film, made possible by the thrust of 3D, added very little despite the return of Final Destination 2’s writer and director and it seemed that all was done. Not so.

ComingSoon have the news this morning that the franchise will keep on running, perhaps buoyed by the success, financial if not critical, of horror series like Saw, as Warner Bros’ Alan Horn told the ShoWest assembled that another film was in the works.

No other news, not even a title reveal of ‘The Finaller Destination’ or some such nonsense, but I will always have a tiny soft spot for this series, and hope they’ll rekindle the fun and nastiness of the original, now ten years old.