The unconventional writing and directorial debut from Alice Lowe, Prevenge, has a brand new poster if there was one hormonal pregnant lady you should be scared of this would be the one.

British comedian Alice Lowe, who saw her move from TV onto the big screen in 2012 opposite Steve Oram in Sightseers – which was directed by Ben Wheatley, is proving to have a slightly worrying dark twist about her penning a story which follows a pregnant Ruth, played by Lowe, on a killing spree directed to by her unborn baby.  Was she inspired by her own pregnancy at the time?  We hope not but Lowe was actually between 7-8 months pregnant whilst filming and her newborn child actually makes an appearance in the film.

Prevenge Trailer

Lowe’s Pregnancy comedy-horror has already made the rounds at a number of notable film festivals including Toronto and London, Lowe’s Prevenge had its world premiere opening critic’s week at the Venice Film Festival to mainly positive reviews and subsequently lead to a BIFA nomination for best debut director.

Whilst the poster is a vibrant red to represent danger, Lowe looks worryingly angelic in her pregnancy glow… that is until you see the humongous blade she’s hiding behind her back.

Prevenge - Alice Lowe

Check out our interview below with Alice on the red carpet of the BIFAs 2016 and why not give our review our read to decide if you really need to see Prevenge.

Prevenge Photo Gallery

Prevenge - Alice Lowe Prevenge - Alice Lowe Prevenge - Alice Lowe Prevenge - Alice Lowe Prevenge - Alice Lowe

Official Synopsis

PREVENGE follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing spree that’s as funny as it is vicious. It’s her misanthropic unborn baby dictating Ruth’s actions, holding society responsible for the absence of a father. The child speaks to Ruth from the womb, coaching her to lure and ultimately kill her unsuspecting victims. Struggling with her conscience, loneliness, and a strange strain of prepartum madness, Ruth must ultimately choose between redemption and destruction at the moment of motherhood.

Prevenge is in cinemas February 10th