Recently, the superhero genre has taken our cinema screens by storm. Summer blockbusters with endless amounts of action packed CGI and superpower charged narratives seem to be inescapable. Not to mention that this so loved genre has managed to successfully wangle its way into TV with the likes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash and the recent Daredevil. This, evidently, is what audiences are currently craving. Except, the one thing that seems to be predominantly missing is girl power. We always get snippets, but the lead is so rarely given to a female character. Until Agent Carter came along – ready for duty in Marvel’s latest series.

Agent Carter isn’t a name you hear often when it comes to classic superheroes. In fact, she is probably one that even die-hard fans aren’t too familiar with, however after her bit parts in virtually every Avengers film and series as of yet, it certainly time for this Agent to get a story of her own.

The war is finally over and the definitive late 40’s, noir-esque feel gives this series a refreshing stance. Classic cars, grand parties, not to mention the divine pinstriped suits all work seamlessly together creating a slick interpretation of what life is like for Peggy Carter. After seeing how brutal and dark the back story of a superhero truly can be in Netflix’s Daredevil, Agent Carter takes a very different stance and follows in a similar fashion as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Essentially, this fast paced pilot is a spin-off of Howard Stark’s shenanigans, alongside cleverly placed references and flashbacks as well as introducing new characters and one very intriguing plotline.


Naturally, for a women during this time, there are inescapable elements of sexism, undermining her just because she is a woman – and a working woman at that. However, such comments do not undermine her and instead actually promote how powerful a woman she really is; even if she does use her sexuality to get what she wants. A strong, smart woman that will be an interesting character to explore and watch develop in a time period so predominantly male focused.

Hayley Atwell, brings charm and class to the titular protagonist, leading this show into enticing territory. Cooper as Stark is as charming as always bouncing off the awkward, if not incredibly funny British butler, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) who works with Carter whilst he hides from the authorities. One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray makes an appearance but the new guy we all want to know more about is villain Leet Brannis played by the superb James Frain.

What detracts from the show overall are the deliberately placed ‘funny’ lines. Of course every show needs a satirical slice, yet at times the lines seemed force and quite frankly not as clever as other Marvel flicks in terms of comic relief. By the by, this sophisticated retro spy thriller is certain to appease fans and sure to create a following when it comes to comic book fans. A show that needs to maintain substance and class, otherwise it could drift into the dangerous territory of becoming yet another failed clichéd superhero series.  But we’re pretty confident that’s not going to happen in instance.

Agent Carter airs this Sunday 12th July on FOX at 9pm.