Eli-Roth-in-AftershockAftershock, Eli Roth’s latest venture into the horror genre, reminds us all once more why Roth is the current king of horror.

We saw a bloody set of images back in the summer, just before its debut at TIFF – you can read our review here. And since then, things have been fairly quiet.

But no more. The first trailer has been released over at IGN, giving a great first look at Nicolás López’s upcoming horror.

“In the middle of a night of wild partying, a hapless American tourist (Hostel director Eli Roth) and his friends are suddenly plunged into a living hell when a powerful earthquake rips through the coastal town of Valparaiso, Chile.”

Roth stars alongside Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martinez, Lorenza Izzo, Andrea Osvárt, and Natasha Yarovenko, with an excellent cameo from none other than Selena Gomez herself.

López is directing from a script he co-wrote with Roth and Guillermo Amoedo (The Green Inferno), with Roth also serving as producer alongside Miguel Asensio (Que pena tu vida) and Brian Oliver (Black Swan, The Ides of March).

I caught the film back in September in Toronto, and thought it was one of the most memorable horror films in recent years. Definitely one not to be missed next year.

Aftershock is currently without a release date in the UK or US, but here’s to hoping that it won’t be too long into the new year before it arrives on the big screen. Here’s the first trailer to get the adrenaline rising. Enjoy.

[yframe url=’www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi-ufQs3Dis’]