The Amazing Spider-Man PosterSony linked up cinemas around the world last night to give eager Spider-Fans the chance to see a sizzle reel and the premiere of a new trailer for Marc Webb’s film.

Twitter fell into a predictable lovefest for the reboot, which has the (500) Days of Summer director take on one of the most beloved characters in the comicverse with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone bringing Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy to life on screen and, as is very much the custom these days, in three sparkling dimensions.

Dave and Adam were in attendance last night and you can read Adam’s take on what was shown here, suffice to say that when the 4th of July rolls around there’ll be plenty of webheads desperate to see if Sony’s sudden reboot tactic has paid off. Given the talent involved, and the hyperbole spun last night, it seems The Amazing Spider-Man may well live up to its name.

Here’s the trailer!

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