Yes, I used the word ‘madcap’. It doesn’t get used enough and I’m always happy to throw it out there when I feel its appropriate. And this video reeks of appropriateness.

It’s easy to forget that less than a week ago we were following the happenings in Tinsletown, States for the Oscars.

Sleep deprived and, at times, hallucinating, we saw The Artist ride roughshod over the competition, Meryl Streep looking genuinely annoyed that she had to go up on stage when all she wanted was a quiet night in, and Christopher Plummer showing everyone how it’s done – with grace, wit and a VAST body of work behind him.

However, while the ceremony was a traditional affair the irreverential minds of Cope and Dalton have pulled this little Oscars tribute video. Caught somewhere between Gilliam and Parker/Stone googley eyes abound and there’s a nice finale, particularly for fans of Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling.

Watch now with your eyes, googley or otherwise.

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