Never ones to pass up the opportunity to wrench open the gender gap just a little wider news reaches us this morning that Sony are developing a female-led 21 Jump Street spin off.

Sony are already developing a female-led Ghostbusters (and, very quickly afterwards committed to another, male-led one too), as well as 23 Jump Street, the second sequel to the absurdly popular modern take on the 80s series.

Whoever did that piece of demographic research for Sony that told them gender specific lead casts were the way to go has certainly been taken seriously. What’s next? Women in Black?

Two writers of the popular Comedy Central series Broad City are on board  for the spin-off. No further details have been released, and there’s no word on how this fits (or doesn’t) with the (almost sure to be imaginary) shared Sony universe with Men in Black and, I don’t know,  Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs have previously worked with some of the Sony stable on two short films which I’ve included below. If nothing else it shows off the talent of the pair, and it is with them, rather than their gender-divisive, sticky-taped shared universe obsessed overlords, we put our good faith.