A.C.O.D.-PosterA.C.O.D., or Adult Children of Divorce, debuted to the world back in January at Sundance, and things have been looking good for the independent comedy ever since.

Adam Scott is front and centre as Carter, one of the eponymous adult children of divorce, and with an as-yet-unconfirmed October release date on the horizon in the States, Yahoo Movies have launched the first trailer.

However strange it might sound, perhaps the biggest hurdle for A.C.O.D. will be the acronym in the title. People unacquainted with its meaning could easily be put off, so here’s to hoping that The Film Arcade will be able to pull off a campaign that explains well the meaning behind the title.

Carter has spent much of his life mediating fights between his acrimoniously divorced, ill-behaved mother and father and taking on the role of designated authority figure to his carefree younger brother, Trey. Inspired by Trey’s sudden engagement, Carter resolves to negotiate a truce between his parents, a process that nearly unhinges him. Adding insult to injury, a frantic sprint back to his childhood therapist, Dr. Judith, reveals he was a prime subject in her self-help book on the “least-parented, least-nurtured generation” ever. Dr. Judith may not be able to help him, but she’s delighted he’s come back and inspired a sequel.

Scott is joined by a very impressive cast, led by Amy Poehler, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clark Duke, Jessica Alba, and Jane Lynch.

Stu Zicherman makes his feature debut as a director, co-writing the script with Ben Karlin (Modern Family), who has an impressive nine Emmys to his name.

A.C.O.D. is without a firm release date, but is set to be released in the US this October. No word yet on a UK release date either, but with any luck, it will cross the Atlantic in a few months’ time.