Steven Spielberg spoke a few moments ago in San Diego at the Comic-Con panel for Tintin and revealed that a fourth Jurassic Park film is officially underway.

This announcement confirms the rumours reported last month that Spielberg was indeed keen on resurrecting the franchise from the doldrums of its third film, and now it appears they have a story and the treatement is being written right now.

We have a story, I can announce right now. We have a writer… Hopefully, we’ll be making Jurassic Park 4 in the near future – in the next two or three years.

Mark Protosevich was rumoured to be the man Spielberg has entrusted the Jurassic Park name to and, while he wasn’t mentioned by name, Spielberg was looking to work with the screenwriter for the proposed remake of Oldboy at one stage.
The cynic in me marks the timing of this announcement fortuitous when you consider the current trilogy’s Blu-ray debut is only a few months away, but the thought of a new Jurassic Park film, hopefully directed by Spielberg although that was clarified and seems unlikely, is cause for a modest amount of celebration.