Jurassic Park 4? - Steven Spielberg (heyuguys.co.uk)Spielberg’s dinosaur star has all but faded after the rather disappointing third instalment back in 2001, but reports suggest that the director is in talks with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to reboot the Jurassic Park franchise. The pair worked together previously on a planned US remake of Chan-wook Park’s fantastic revenge flick Old Boy, that collapsed due to rights problems.

It’s kinda no wonder Mr Spielberg has hopes to bring the Michael Crichton story back, after a series of successful franchises taking many a million dollar at the box office recently.  Another plus is the advances in CGI and 3D since early 2000; adding a little extra spice to a world of blood hungry, rampaging veloceraptors and T-Rex’s (not the Marc Bolan kind of course…though that would take the movie in a whole new and interesting direction).

Nothing is in stone as of yet, but if discussions have already begun, you can damn well bet Universal will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on a potentially epic cash triceratops like Jurassic Park.

Source – The Hollywood Reporter.