It seems years ago since I was last seen ripping the heads of my little sister’s Barbie dolls just to annoy her…. hey, it was my job as a big brother! Today, in 2009, the brand Barbie has remained stronger than ever and, according to Variety, Universal Pictures have bought the rights from Mattel to make a live action movie based around the top heavy plastic doll!

Variety: According to Mattel, the 50-year old Barbie has 99% worldwide brand awareness, is the number one girls property in the toy industry, the top doll property in the U.S. and the number one worldwide property in the traditional toy industry. “Barbie is the most famous doll in history, a unique cultural icon in the world of brands,” said Universal Pictures chairman Marc Shmuger. “So many representations of Barbie frequent pop culture, but never before has she been brought to life in a motion picture. We’re grateful to Mattel for entrusting us with this extraordinary opportunity.”

Laurence Mark will produce the new movie. More details as we get them….