Christian-Bale-and-Tom-Hardy-in-The-Dark-Knight-RisesChristopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises brought an end to one of the greatest and most memorable trilogies of all time.

Having crossed the billion-dollar mark at the box office over the summer, Warner Bros. have recently launched their Oscar campaign for the film, and with its Blu-ray/DVD release on the horizon at the start of next month, a new set of behind-the-scenes photos have debuted online.

One of the most integral scenes, and one that was highly anticipated in the run-up to the film’s release, was the epic fight scene between Christian Bale’s Batman and Tom Hardy’s Bane. The poster featuring the shattered cowl suggested we were in for something immense, and it did not disappoint.

With forty-five images from the set, we can now re-live it from brilliant new angles as we await the film’s release on DVD and Blu-ray in a few weeks’ time, with this new set of images expected to make up part of the Special Features.

Bale and Hardy top an all-star cast, joined by Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, and Marion Cotillard, making for one of the best casts in recent memory.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on 3rd December in the UK and 4th December in the US, just in time for Christmas. I personally cannot wait to see it again. Here are the new images to tie you over.


Source: via CBM.