I wake up this morning to find these lovely new behind the scenes images that Disney have released for their movie which is out December 17th called Tron Legacy. As regular readers to the site will know, we’ve been going rather Tron mad over the pst few weeks and I have a feeling it wont stop until it’s releaseIf you’ve not seen the wonderful new trailer, you simply must here.

The other thing we’ve discovered this morning is that every large US blog got to visit the set of the new movie last June. I’m not jealous at all! For more info, head over to our friends at SlashFilm and you can find out a lot more about the movie – but not too much as Disney dont want too much being given away yet. I recommend you watch the video at the bottom of this page where Peter and Steve from Collider.com tell you all they can.

Click the images below to enlarge.