It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. With the shoe-horning of an extra dimension into the Star Wars films before their re-release to a multiplex near you, reports are coming in that George Lucas has both his eyes fixed on a 3D future for his other films, with a recently updated series first on the menu.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull didn’t reinvigorate the classic adventure series as perhaps Lucas and Spielberg may have envisioned but it certainly reminded people that the Indiana Jones films of the 80s and 90s are in many ways superior to similar fare of recent years.

It’s inevitable then that the first reports came in today from Blue Sky Disney (via Bleeding Cool) telling us to expect the announcement of a 3D upconversion for the Indy films and a cinematic re-release in the vein of Star Wars, which will commence in 2012. So, I’m guessing we can expect an announcement about the Indiana Jones Blu-rays some time soon then?

In part I’m excited about seeing the original trilogy on the big screen again (this applies to Star Wars as much as it does to Indiana Jones) and the fact I’ll get to take my son along to see the films at the cinema is kind of a thrill, I’m just hoping that the 3D is of sufficient quality to not mar the spectacle and enjoyment and the quality the films already possess.