Fans of alternative American rock band The Shins and quirky, romantic indie ‘dramedies’ might have a reason to celebrate again soon. Zach Braff appears to be stepping behind the camera for the first time since 2004’s Garden State. The actor has revealed in an interview with TimeOut NY that he’s hoping to direct Swingles (awful title!), a film he initially came onboard to rewrite last year.

The actor recently left long-running comedy series Scrubs to concentrate on his film career, and although Swingles isn’t an original piece like Garden State, his roles as writer, director and lead are enough to suggest that Braff is intent on putting his own unique stamp on proceedings.

The story, which is based on a spec by first time features writer Duncan Birmingham, is about a bachelor who is dumped by his wingman and teams up with a sharp-tongued woman (reportedly being played by Cameron Diaz) he can’t stand in order to meet singles.

This does sound suspiciously like your average, formulaic Hollywood rom-com, so I hope Braff can bring some of the charm which was evident in his debut.