The Dark Knight Rises Poster - BatmanMore masked man marketing malarky for you fine people today and blow me down if this latest TV Spot for The Dark Knight Rises isn’t a gloomy affair.

It’s not as if Christopher Nolan was about to send in the rainbow clown parade and cover Gotham in a coat of luminous paint but there’s so little hint of anything approaching actual fun here. Tom Hardy’s mechafaced Bane mumbles about being Gotham’s reckoning and Catwoman Anne Hathaway whispers something, explosions, gloom, rinse and repeat. There’s a little new footage here but having Micael Caine and Christian Bale on screen here reminds me of how sidelined they were in the last film.

Anyhoo, the 20th of July is my birthday and the date you can scratch the name of Batman in your calendars.

Click below and bow your head in hushed, awed anticipation.

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