Emily-BluntYour Voice In My Head instantly became an anticipated in-development project last year, when it was David Yates and Emma Watson were set to reunite to make the film, having worked together for so long on the Harry Potter franchise.

Unfortunately, Yates was forced to leave the director’s chair last spring, announcing that his filming schedule was too tight to fit Your Voice in My Head, as initially planned.

Speaking to digitalspy, Stanley Tucci has now revealed that Emma Watson has also left the cast, and Emily Blunt has taken the role in her place.

The film is based on the original memoir of the same name by Emma Forrest. Courtesy of Waterstones, here is the synopsis for Forrest’s work.

Emma Forrest, an English journalist, was twenty-two and living in America when she realised that her quirks had gone beyond eccentricity.

Lonely, in a dangerous cycle of self-harm and damaging relationships, she found herself in the chair of a slim, balding and effortlessly optimistic psychiatrist – a man whose wisdom and humanity would wrench her from the vibrant and dangerous tide of herself, and who would help her to recover when she tried to end her life.

Emma’s loving and supportive family circled around her in panic. She was on the brink of drowning. But she was also still working, still exploring, still writing, and she had also fallen deeply in love. One day, when Emma called to make an appointment with her psychiatrist, she found no one there. He had died, shockingly, at the age of fifty-three, leaving behind a young family. Processing the premature death of a man who’d become her anchor after she’d turned up on his doorstep, she was adrift. And when her significant and all-consuming relationship also fell apart, she was forced to cling to the page for survival.

A modern-day fairy tale of New York, Your Voice in My Head is a dazzling and devastating memoir, clear-eyed and shot through with wit. In a voice unlike any other, Emma Forrest explores breakdown and mania, but also the beauty of love – and the heartbreak of loss.

Blunt will be taking the female lead as Emma Forrest, with Tucci starring opposite her as the dying psychiatrist.

The book itself sounds like a fascinating read, and I can’t wait to see it transformed for the big screen.

The director’s chair currently remains empty, as far as we know, but the film is still looking to shoot this spring. With any luck, it will find a director with a strong eye to take the helm for what promises to be an exceptional film.

Blunt has been deservedly on the rise in recent years, making a real name for herself over the past year in Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister, and most recently in Rian Johnson’s Looper. She’s set to star opposite Tom Cruise in the Spring 2014 blockbuster, All You Need Is Kill.

I’m a huge fan of everything I’ve seen of her work to date, and think the casting choice for Your Voice In My Head sounds perfect. I would have really liked to see Watson take the lead on this, but am looking forward to it even more with Blunt now starring opposite her brother-in-law, Tucci.

Alison Owen (Proof, Saving Mr. Banks) is producing, and here’s to hoping that the film will progress nicely ahead of production in the coming months.