You Instead has a nice premise behind it, but fails to deliver in a way that makes it anything more than a fair film. The plot follows two feuding rock artists handcuffed together mere hours before they’re (separately) due to perform with their bands.

The film is set and was filmed at T in the Park in 5 days, this is an incredible feat – organised chaos is probably one of the hardest things to organise and not being able to go back for reshoots meant that they were under strict scheduling and everything needed to be completed over the weekend. While this is interesting and gives the film an edge, it stops the film becoming as good as it should be.

Luke Treadaway plays Adam, one half of a successful electric pop band who arrived in their tour bus ready to perform for all their fans. Natalia Tena plays Morello, part of a struggling all girl punk rock band excited about performing at T in the Park for their first time, hoping to perform well and be invited back next year. Being handcuffed together was something they definitely didn’t plan on, but when the two bands start feuding, a misguided security guard handcuffs the pair together and disappears without giving either of them the key.

The plot, while unoriginal, is interesting and fun and I was happy to go along with it, but while the concept was there the execution of it was lacking. I’m a fan of Natalia Tena and her performance was charming most of the time, but I didn’t understand her relationship with the banker boyfriend (not a euphemism), or how a six year relationship could fall apart in one evening without any indication beforehand.

The atmosphere was enjoyable but also incredible disjointed, jumping from a heartfelt discussion about relationships to raving crowds and drunken people falling over – although I did enjoy the Newton Faulkner cameo. The film had heart behind it, the script just needed more work and perhaps more rehearsing time as the chemistry didn’t feel quite there to me and some of the ad-libbing wasn’t particularly convincing.

There are however some great moment in the film – mud fights, shower scenes, four people trying to sleep in a bed, handcuffed trips to the portaloo, some wonderful Tena and Treadaway duets, and a look into the lifestyles of bands and festivals.

You Instead has a good soundtrack and decent cast, but it lacks strong enough performances and script to make it into the film is should be.