With Aaron Johnson suggesting recently that Kick-Ass 2 might go before cameras once X-Men: First Class has finally hit theatres, it’s nice to see evidence that the latest Origins story is on track.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the latest X-Movie will include a shot-by-shot re-shoot of the opening scene from Bryan Singer’s introduction to the franchise – bringing the series full circle after the lacklustre Last Stand and dismal Wolverine by dove-tailing nicely into the original.

The scene in question involves a young Eric Lensherr (played by Bill Milner this time around) as he struggles against a crowd – soaking wet as a sentry station looms in the background. Although X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn has been video referencing the original scene for extra authenticity,  his take on the scene will include a few additional dramatic twists.

With such twists currently under lock and key, we have nevertheless been treated to a glimpse of the shoot so far. Oh No They Didn’t have posted the first clear images from the set of X-Men: First Class, showing a scene in which James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique converse in the rain.

The images, and a video from the shoot itself, can be glimpsed below.