This uplifting and inspiring film follows the adventures of August Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a boy with a facial disfigurement who enters experiences mainstream schooling for the first time. Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts play the boy’s parents, whose concerns and care for the boy evoke a tender and heart warming tale.

This a turbulent journey which not only affects August but also his family. His effect on those he meets in his new environment, taking them all in different ways to depths of sadness and isolation but also great moments of love and triumph, is greatly enhanced by the warm tones of the photography and an intelligent script. The story explores the importance and complexities of family relationships and friendships where there is a constant battle between what they think is right for themselves and those around them. Then they have to make the choice of whether being kind is more worth the effort than being right.

The difficulties of trying to be true to yourself whilst also trying to be accepted by people is a main theme presented in this film. However, this internal dilemma is mainly represented in those around August especially in his sister Via Pullman (Izabela Vidovic) and his best friend Jack Will (Noah Jupe). They are both starting a new school and trying their best to fit it, but in doing so must make the choice between lying to themselves and others or being true to themselves and August and discovering what makes them truly happy.

The use of simple shots, warm colouring and seamless editing creates a feeling of comfort perfect for this film. It also allows you to focus on the story and does not detract from the acting, which is outstanding. This is a must-see family film that will challenge your perspective on life and encourage you to think how you might be able to find ways to be yourself.