Zach-Braff-and-Rowdy-on-set-of-Wish-I-Was-HereZach Braff is almost half-way through his five-week shoot on his long-awaited sophomore feature, Wish I Was Here, and he’s taken to the web once more to reveal that another fan-favourite character from Scrubs will be making an appearance in the film.

Following the first week of shoot, Braff revealed that Phill Lewis (a.k.a. Hooch) had made a cameo in the movie. And now he’s revealed that none other than J.D. and Turk’s beloved stuffed dog, Rowdy, will make an appearance as well, bringing him out of retirement for the cameo.

In the production video update, Braff says that it’s up to us eagle-eyed viewers to spot where he is.

“I hid him in the background of one shot only, so you Scrubs fans are going to have to look for him. It’s like Where’s Waldo?, but Where’s Rowdy?”

Braff has assembled a stellar cast, which he leads alongside Kate Hudson, Josh Gad, Ashley Greene (who replaces Anna Kendrick, due to scheduling conflicts), Joey King, Pierce Gagnon, Mandy Patinkin, Jim Parsons, and Donald Faison.

He’s directing from a script he co-wrote with his brother, Adam, and the story looks a little something like this.

“WISH I WAS HERE” tells the story of Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor, husband and dad who at 35 is still trying to find his true place in life. He and his wife are barely getting by financially, and Aidan passes his time fantasizing about being the futuristic Space Knight he always dreamed he’d be as a little kid.

When his ailing father can no longer afford to pay for private school for his two kids, and with the only available public school on its last legs, Aidan reluctantly agrees to attempt to home-school them. The result is chaos, until Aidan decides to scrap the traditional academic curriculum and come up with his own. Through teaching them about life his way, he gradually discovers the parts of himself he couldn’t find.

It sounds like everything’s going great so far on set, with two out of the five scheduled shooting weeks now complete.

Braff has previously spoken of eyeing a Sundance release, having debuted his first film, Garden State, out in Park City back in 2004, which would mark a nice ten-year anniversary if Wish I Was Here does indeed bow there next January.



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