Matt Damon - Elysium

Last but my no means least in our interviews with the cast and filmmakers of Elysium, we have lead actor and all-round top bloke Matt Damon. He takes on the role as Max De Costa in what turns out to be his first ever sci-fi movie. Damon was originally going to appear in James Cameron’s Avatar but due to schedules, it never happened and now he gets to work with the man behind District 9, Writer/ Director Neill Blomkamp.

In the interview, we speak about Smurfs (albeit very briefly as he tells us that his kids LOVE them!), and what it was like working with Neill, how he picks his roles and what it was like to work on a sci-fi movie. By his own admission, he was sad to not have worked on Avatar but seemed very pleased to be working with Blomkamp who he likens to James Cameron and his visual style. We also find out how he picks the roles that he does and what he had to go through to get beefed up to play the character of Max De Costa.

Elysium hits UK cinemas tomorrow 21st August and if  you’ve missed any of our interviews with Neill Blomkamp, Wagner Moura, Alice Braga or Shalrto Copley, you can click right here to see them now.