wild bill uk posterIn only a matter of days, and after several years in the pipeline, Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut, Wild Bill finally hits cinemas across the UK. While we absolutely love the film, we’re a little concerned that it may not do as well as it deserves as it’s opening against the box office colossus that is The Hunger Games, but we’re sure in the long run it will be regarded as a cult classic of British cinema.

The film screened at the London Film Festival last year, where we had a quick chat with some of the talent involved, but last night was the proper UK premiere, attended by almost the entire cast. We were there, and during the course of the evening we spoke to just about everyone we could, quizzing them on working with Dexter, and the appeal of a film like Wild Bill.

The below video features our interviews with the supporting cast of the film, and along with conversations about the movie, it also includes Jason Flemyng talking about playing Azael in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men follow-up, Sean Pertwee giving an update on his own plans to start working the other side of the camera, and Iwan Rheon talking about filming his current project, Wasteland – a heist movie set in Northern England, also featuring Luke Treadaway, and Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis.

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