The prospect of a movie based on the extremely successful video game series Halo has been dangled in front of the army of besotted gamers for a while now, with names such as Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp, Alex Garland and even Steven Spielberg being run through the rumour mill over the course of the last few years.

Nothing has been announced and there are a number of very dedicated fan films already out there, with more in production, and so when a few hours ago Machinima tweeted a link to their Facebook page with the gallery title ‘Halo Movie’ and these four pictures below there’s no telling if this is a new and original production or a fan film – it certainly doesn’t look like the long awaited feature film production.

We’ve also been told that there’s more coming on Monday so I guess we’ll find out – commenters on the Facebook page have claimed the pics are from a couple of fan films already in production, but Machinima aren’t giving us any more details yet.

Remember it was Machinima who hosted the new Mortal Kombat web series that has generated so much buzz so perhaps this is another example of a new distribution model for game related film content. Seems a little odd they’d make such a fuss about a fan film, right?

Here are the stills, judge for yourselves.