Nintendo LogoAfter almost five years of pandering to casual gamers, there are rumours abound that Nintendo are turning back to their roots and releasing a new HD console.

Considering the state of the company pre-Wii and DS, you can’t begrudge them embracing all manner of Nintendogs and Brain Training to drag themselves out of the financial mire. Now they’re back on the top of the business world (and how), there are rumours floating around that they’re set to imminently reveal a brand new console that could even be as possible as the PS3.

Game Informer reports that the company is set to unveil a HD console at June’s E3 convention, touting sources who confirm the HD-ness, but are unable to tell us more about its affiliation with the Wii branding – or even if it’ll be backwards compatible.

The level of technological snazziness is also under wraps, although whispers suggest it’ll be as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360, which should help the company attract developers when it comes to multi-platform releases.

When Game Informer approached the company they unsurprisingly responded with a tight-lipped ‘no comment’.